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Take Time

Memorable moments in life can have a lasting impression on who you are and who you want to be.

It is funny, I can remember one of my first times holding a camera. At the time, I was living in Arkansas and it was a beautiful day outside. At that time, it was in the mid 80s and I was enjoying just being there at my grandmother’s house. Not wanting to miss a moment, my grandmother had her camera ready and I got a chance to take the photo.

…and I remember it vividly.

The Setting

It was far too common to hear the car horns honking as the drivers passed by the T-shaped intersection heading up and down the hills as they pass my grandmother’s house. My grandmother was well known. On top of all that, many of my cousins, aunts, uncles, and other family/family friends would come to the house just to spend a little time.

On this day, my grandmother wanted to have a picture taken of all of the family who were there. My uncle Wayne, the eager and always willing guy of the family, decided to make sure the picture was taken… and taken right. As he directed everyone into the

picture, I felt very reluctant and very much out of sort (and I must say that I could not have been no more than 6 years old at this time).

After a couple of shots, my grandmother said “somebody else has to take the picture because Wayne’s not in it…” and that was my call to action. I eagerly ran towards the camera (which was just a few feet but felt like a ¼ mile) saying “I’ll do it… can I?” To my dismay, I was shot down… you know; that too young/you don’t know how to spiel. With tears in my eyes, I walked away. However, much like the superhero she is, my grandmother (in her normal fashion) says “let him do it.”


My uncle Wayne hands me the camera (Instant waterworks off; exit scene) and I immediately have to pull it together. As I grabbed the camera, uncle starts to explain the 1 button I had to push on the Kodak camera. I waited patiently (which felt like 2 minutes past forever) and after he was done explaining I confirmed that I was ready; then the magic happened

… I took the shot and it was fire.

From that day on, I fell in love with cameras. The downside is: that love was poorly maintained. Through the years, I learned to appreciate other aspects of life. Throughout many of those changes, my grandmother and my mother has always given me full support and transparency. Don’t get me wrong, there were many other individuals who also encouraged and poured into me (including my father and godmother) but when my focus was blurry, they helped refine and lock in the important aspects.

…too many story’s to tell.

Cutting To The Chase

I take every moment that I can to try and show my appreciation to the people I appreciate their contributions. In addition, I encourage others to do the same. Maugre, in my efforts to establish TAlan, I also received a big push from my friend, client, and business strategist, C Reneé Mangum. Without her words of encouragement and her appreciation for my craft (diligence, intuition, and keen detail), I would not be in a position to help capture moments that some individuals would have missed out on.

…For that, I am forever grateful.

If you are reading this, take the time to appreciate and acknowledge the many contributions that others bring your way. If not, you miss an opportunity to give them the boost of confidence that they may need/could use.

Could you relate to any aspects? Do you already acknowledge others? Feel free to respond/share…

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