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The TAlan brand has helped entrepreneurs showcase their products and services, highlighted models, and captured numerous events across the nation. Over the years, my work has had the pleasure of being showcased on several digital and print outlets.


Phoenix Entrepreneurs Magazine

#8 October 2020

Solo Cup


I am one of many individuals who were born just prior to the digital age. At a young age, I found myself gravitating to artistic creativity. While other's in my circle were vying to be in front of the camera, I was the one who always wanted to capture and create the moment. 


I bring that very same enthusiasm to the moments that matter to you. I pride myself in working with my clients to produce the results they are looking for while creating and capturing moments that will live on.

Timothy Alan Newburn Sr



"I was introduced to TAlan photography through Thee CRM Group LLC brand shoot. He was very professional and knew photography in regards to lighting, angles and shots that are geared to personal branding. We had fun during the shoot with different poses and was impressed that he had equipment where the rest of the team could see the images in real time. This allowed for us to try different things and get the most out of our time. He was also very efficient and had a quick turnaround time with editing the shots!​"

Stacy Best Nervi


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